venerdì 25 settembre 2009

Frumage Baladin, famous Baladin beer-scented cheese made by Fattorie Fiandino, will make its first appearance in the “veggie” release at exhibition “Cheese” in Bra

The original recipe, already patented, envisages a wise blend of beer, mixed with three different barley malts and then poured in raw milk, just a few minutes before the curdle is done. The old times Fiandino family knowledge, which dates back to the end of the 18th century, along with a constant research of innovative products and top quality materials has brought to the latest veggie-style release of Frumage Baladin, presented at Cheese exhibiton. “It is indeed a small yet significant revolution, since we employ 100% vegetable rennet obtained from wild flowers that grow in the Alps mountains, instead of the animal one that implies the slaughter of baby born veals and kids. – says Mario Fiandino, owner of the company- To better convey the differences between rennets and set up a privileged communication channel with connoisseurs and amateur cheese makers, we launched an open blog with unmistakable address
It is also important to remember – adds Egidio Fiandino, production manager – we only employ sea salt from Culcasi salt mines in Sicily, which are presided over by Slow Food. Frumage Baladin has a typical dark brown rind, due to toasted barley malts, strong aroma and slight notes of cocoa and coffee. Its characteristic light yellow color varies seasonally but also due to the cattle’s feeding and its texture is soft yet compact plough by delicate streaks. While the wise mix between raw milk and hand-made beer is clearly perceptible by the sense of smell, it is not by the sense of taste, being the hop flavor excessively bitter and unwelcome. Its creamy texture makes Frumage Baladin ideal for fondue; it comes in two 1,500 gr and 200 gr - named “Il Duecento”- wheels and represents an example of the perfect results achieved by the encounter between Italian cheese tradition and mastery in beer making. Visitors will be most welcome to taste “Frumage Baladin,” “Lou Bergier” and rare “Selezione Fiandino” in Piazza XX Settembre at the Tuscan Cigar stand, right opposite Piazza della Birra ( Beer’s Square).

Kinara method at its debut at Sana Exhibition in Bologna

Cheese with real vegetable rennet: from Piedmont the new Kinara method which employs rennet from spontaneous alpine flowers.

It is up to Fattorie Fiandino, a company located in Villafalletto a small town in the province of Cuneo, to present one of the yummiest and remarkable novelties of the 2009 Sana edition ( Bologna, 10-13 Sept). Following the intuitions of grandfather Magno, who has been the founder of the company in 1948, nephews Egidio and Mario have been testing successfully Kinara method which employs real vegetable rennet in cheese production. It can be in reason considered a small yet important revolution since it combines ancient times knowledge with the newest technique – explains Egidio Fiandino, production manager – Increased creamy texture along with flower scent give Fiandino’s cheese an original essence, which exalts the natural qualities of piedmontese milk at their best.- We’re proud of the goal achieved – adds Mario Fiandino – and we thought about setting up a blog, with the intent to show an alternative solution to animal, genetically modified and chimical rennet, though avoiding veals and kids slaughter. We deeply believe in Kinara method, strongly rooted in our land and traditions, in tune with veggie thinking. We look forward to meet old and new friends in our booth ( hall 21 , booth B83) to let them taste our new gem and listen to their first impressions”. Kinara method has also been applied in the production of Frumage Baladin, famous hand- made-beer scented cheese, the only Italian cheese obtained blending Baladin beer and raw milk. “Lou Bergier”, shepherd in Occitane, introduced in Bologna to visitors and professionals, comes in two different shapes, average and Pichin ( pocket size). It is a raw milk toma cheese whose creamy texture fulfills all the senses with a flower aroma and a rich, full-bodied taste. The commitment to top quality raw materials is all the more so enhanced by the employment of whole sea salt from the Sicilian Culcasi salt mines , presided over by Slow Food.