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25 Sept –Savigliano’s Pizzeria Bucefalo creates Pizza Kinara…Cheese, corsairs and stuff

Friday, 25th of September is a date not to be missed. On the occasion of the “Festa del Pane”, Pizzeria Bucefalo , located in Piazza Cesare Battisti, presents its clients and friends Pizza Kinara. Fiandino’s cheese, above all Lou Bergier and Selezione Fiandino grated ones will be the real guest stars of the event ; Chefs Andrea and Federico are committed to create an unforgettable mouthwatering fondue!
Cheese 2009
Cheese festival in Bra ended winning Fiandino’s products great success:the Tuscan Cigar booth which hosted Kinara cheese has been literally assaulted by visitors and friends. Among them, many connoisseurs who, smoking a good cigar and tasting top quality Langhe wines, were enthusiastically involved by Lelio Bottero, in charge of research and development of new products and by Mario Fiandino, the owner, who guided wisely his guests through the tasting of “Frumage Baladin” and hand made beers.

Corsairs and Indians
Hi, my name is Edoardo Bresciano, I heard a lot about you and I would love to visit your firm”.
This is how Edoardo Bresciano, one of the nicest person we happened to meet recently, introduced himself some weeks ago when he came to visit us in Villafalletto. Edoardo, better known as “ The Corsair of Taste” still raises geese in the old, traditional way: on the ground. Just as it should be! We’ve been really happy to receive him at Fattorie Fiandino and to have him around in our stable ( a zero-kilometers-food-chain since milk just drawn immediately gets access to the cheese factory) where he met Mr. Daljit, the stable manager.

Gourmand Island”, first stop in Turin, “Le Meridien”
Fattorie Fiandino will take part to the events organized by La Stampa and TorinoSette…from 6th October to 26 th November Kinara cheese will be interpreted by famous chefs.

Fattorie Fiandino, “Zero-km-Grana-Padano” Corsair’s Taste word of honor
Our friend Edoardo Bresciano, committed to the geese and ducks biodynamic breeding( by the way if you ever happen to jump into his products, don’t miss to get one) published a rewarding post dedicated to Fattorie Fiandino.
True born businessmen” this is what comes to my mind when I talk about Fiandino’s family.

Fiandino’s history starts in the ’20 s with grandpa Magno who bought Cascina Palazzo in Villafalletto, close to the city of Cuneo to start cattle breeding. On summer, he used to take cattle up to the Alps where the springs of Stura di Demonte river originate, in a kind of fairy tales landscape. Later on, at the end of 40’s his sons Giovanni, Luigi and Battista built up the cheese factory.
Since long time ago, Fiandino’s family shows itself a far-seeing one, giving start to the short production and distribution chain, straight from the producer to the consumer. Breeding, farming, milk processing and selling in the same place: all in one!
Today Egidio and Mario, heirs of Nonno Magno experience carry successfully on Fiandino company and sell all over the universe. Well….let’s say just over the known part of it!

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