venerdì 13 novembre 2009

A brief report about Golosaria Event in Milan

First of all, we apologize with all those visitors who missed the chance to try our cheese, but we couldn’t forecast to be out of stock that soon! “Toma del Fra”, at its very debut, was out of stock just in a few hours , leaving visitors and clients empty-handed. “Butter 1889” also gained enthusiastic comments and praises as well as the true story of the settled creams.

Our friend Barbara, author of the blog, paid a visit to our stand to show all her appreciation. A true pillar of the butter tasting panel, Barbara received a special gift ( ups…I cannot say’s a secret!) . we take advantage of this page to thank her for this picture ( Lelio with glasses and Mario with a hand in the pocket). Don’t forget to visit her’s 100% amusement!

Another special tasting girl, Genny form the blog AL CIBO Commestibile came to visit our stand. Lelio couldn’t help to pose before the photographer. Genny , too, got a special pres… ( uups..I did it again! )hoping the cold would leave her soon ready to taste our butter.

Next to Fattorie Fiandino stand, a real taste-myth: Edoardo Bresciano from Cascina Peschiera, a bio-dynamic farmer with an ecological – heart, too. Don’t miss to pay a visit to his blog icorsaridelgusto..

And last but not least ..we would like to congratulate Papillon’s staff on the perfect organization!

See you in Turin!

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