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The cheese making history of the Fiandino family began at the end of 1700 when Stefano Fiandino moved from Milan to Demonte (Occitan small town nestled in the Alps, close to France), and pioneered in farming and cheese making. It was our Grandfather Magno who settled in 1920 in Villafalletto and began breeding and production which continues to this day with the current Fiandino generation. The secret of this success story is a small number of unwritten rules, high quality research and the respect of nature and mankind.

Up until some decades ago cheese used to be made almost exclusively at home, using the stomach of a calf or goat. An old family recipe, taken from Grandfather Magnos’ notes indicated to not sacrifice a precious animal but to gather flowers “thistle” that grow wild during the summer month in the mountain pastures; dry them and preserve them with care in vinegar. The curd thus obtained would keep the cheese soft, delicate and fragrant making it unique and highly appreciated in the local valley open-air markets.Following Grandfather Magno’s advice we have re-discovered the magic of this ancient technique and the delight of creating our new outstanding cheese with the exclusive Kinara method that pleases both vegetarians and connoisseurs. A choice in agreement with our animal activist consciousness! Kinara (Greek translation for Cynara Cardunculus) is the new brand on behalf of Fattorie Fiandino, the vegetable rennet-based cheese line. Our cheese masters have studied and experimented for years the special proteolytic effect before getting the production started. Indeed we are setting up partnerships with universities and research centres to
start new advanced testing on the almost forgotten flower.

Working with respect and enthusiasm gives our products a distinct note and we continue to look forward to enhancing our achievements and further highlighting the difference between a “good” cheese and a Fattorie Fiandino cheese. This is what we strive for in our future, this is the vision we look for in our partners and this is what we search for in you.

Egidio and Mario Fiandino

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